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Pleats & Pleather | Winter Style

Another instalment of Deenie tries to be a fashion blogger. This one's called: the rain is not my friend. You can literally see my hair and makeup disintegrate in the rain. But I tried!

Skirt / Boots - Primark, Jacket / Jumper / Top - Borrowed (All my clothes are in Cardiff lol)

As a short gal, long skirts have frightened me for years. But this subtly metallic beauty was irresistible to me! The obvious addition was a pair of heels (taller than these little boots, preferably) and a (p)leather jacket to tone down the rose-gold-granny look. The jumper was begrudgingly added when I got too cold, but I think it could contribute to a different outfit, a much more day-time casual one.

What I love about this skirt is the versatility of it. It can be worn as a light day time piece and is multi-seasonal (layering leggings underneath it would be subtle enough). I also wore it to a social at Uni, so the night time box is ticked off too. Portsmouth is quite mild, but for frostier weather: a cropped, cream colour knit and a scarf would look sweet with this. Basically, the possibilities are endlesssss.

I hope you enjoyed this little burst of style inspiration! Expect more in the New Year, which I intend to do with exclusively sustainable and ethical clothing. I will see you tomorrow, for more blogmas fun...

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  1. This skirt is incredible, I'm so in love with it. I seriously can't believe you got it from Primark! You look lovely girl.



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