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A Day Out In Lisbon

Oh Lisboa, you with the colourful tiles, street art and those lung-bustin' hills! I'm so glad I spent five days in such a gorgeous city- my only regret is not staying longer (and I maybe regret packing heels).

So what did we get up to?

The first day, we explored! The Metro was a doddle (EVERYWHERE is easier than London) and the tram was simple but come the peak times you'll possibly get a bit squashed and you'd better clutch on to your belongings tight.

The second day we visited the Feira de Ladra to have a browse at some of the trinkets being sold. We then wandered up towards the castle (fresh strawberries in tow), had some lunch and then wandered down until dinner time.

The third day I shall cover in its own post (and video to follow). I've got some more pretty photos doing funny poses and some wisdom to impart on vegan travelling!

A brief summary of Lisbon:

  • So many hills. Good for your butt, but a heavy duty makeup primer is needed.
  • That guy on the street corner isn't really selling sunglasses.
  • If you're into street art then have your camera at the ready at all times!
  • Coffee is confusing in Portugal
Until next time!


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