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Love Lula November Box | Natural + Cruelty-free Beauty Box

I recently ordered the Love Lula monthly beauty box, and was pleasantly surprised when I received the November box. Having tried out no beauty boxes beforehand, I was sceptical as to whether they were worth it. If you are interested, I have an unboxing video here.

For a total of £16.90 including P&P, in this box I received three full sized products and two samples. The value of the box was £60, and you receive a code to take 20% off anything you choose to buy from their shop. But how did the products actually fare?

REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum
As this is only a tiny little sample I didn't expect to be able to really trial this. It's been about a week and I've managed to sue it every day with a few drops to spare - you only need a tiny amount to spread around your face. This gives this skin a dewy, glowing finish and I haven't wanted to wear any foundation or even concealer alongside this due to the gorgeous complexion it leaves. However, I'm not sure on REN's parent company status - a quick Google showed that they might be owned by Unilever but that's not conclusive, but I've also been told that they aren't. Does anyone have the answer?

Madara Smart Antioxidants Eye Cream
This is definitely my favourite of the products. I love enriching eye creams and this truly delivered with a deeply moisturising feel. This also wakes up the eyes in the morning which is great for when I inevitably miss out on sleep. At £31 alone, this is the most expensive of the bunch, but to some that might be worth it due to the natural and organic ingredients. For me? I don't think I can spend that much on an eye cream.

Laidbare Working 9 to 5 Anti-aging Cream
I'd never heard of Laidbare before, but since using this moisturiser day and night I'm definitely going to try more from their range. This sinks into the skin quickly - which is great for a morning rush - and leaves a smooth surface to put makeup on. The mostly natural ingredients create a gentle scent which is quite refreshing to put on your face. This is the product I'm most likely to repurchase - if not for myself then it would make a great Christmas gift!

Inika Vegan Lipstick in Naked Flush
I love this. Shimmery lipsticks aren't something I often pick up, but this is so beautiful. The colour is a subtle rosy nude but the shimmer lifts it and makes it seem less plain and quite glamorous. This doesn't wear off quickly - I've got a good few hours out of this before it noticeably wears off and even when it does the subtle colour means it's not too obvious. I'd buy this again in a heartbeat and I'm definitely going to try out some new colours.

(The box also came with a sachet of shampoo and conditioner which I'm yet to try out - tbh I keep forgetting to take it in the shower with me)

Overall, I'm really happy with the products received in this box. The low price for the value of the products is fantastic.

Bottom line? Despite loving the November box, I have decided not to repurchase. Love Lula's products aren't all vegan, and although I was lucky enough to only receive vegan products this month, I don't feel like it's worth continuing my subscription in case I receive products that I wouldn't purchase and don't really want in the future.

However, this box has been a great chance for me to trial Love Lula's service and products and even though I won't order the box again, their website is one I'll be using as my natural and cruelty-free beauty one-stop shop from now on.


  1. I've been loving the Madara eye cream too, although I'm with you - I couldn't pay that much for it! xx


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