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Discovering Benecos

One brand I’ve often seen pop up on my cruelty-free timeline is Benecos, a natural and affordable makeup company offering products suitable to all. Though I’d seen a few of their products reviewed by my favourites, and waked past the stand at Holland and Barrett with wide-eyes, I hadn’t tried this wonder-brand that so many were recommending.

That’s why I was incredibly grateful when they sent me a couple of samples of their newest releases – a chance to try the newest and best that Benecos has to offer while carefully choosing what to introduce to my vegan and natural collection.

Happy Nails Natural Nail Polish in Mystery £6.95
I’m quite picky when it comes to nail polish, and stick with the brands I know. When I pulled this out of the packet, I was pleased from the get-go as the colour is so me – colourful enough to be interesting while close enough to neutral in order to go with everything I wear. I didn’t have the highest hopes for the formula, as this is an inexpensive product and I’d heard mixed reviews. Boy was I wrong! From the first coat, this lacquered on with an opaque layer with strong colour pay off. The second coat finished it off with a perfect shine and opacity and I stayed chip free for FIVE DAYS. I’m a fiddler and a nail-biter, so five days for us is like a year in nail varnish terms. Though I can’t comment on the nourishing properties this promises, as I always use a base-coat, it feels like a good quality product and with natural ingredients you can’t go too far wrong. I can see this being my total go-to from now until forever.

Natural Mascara Glamour Look in Ultimate Black £7.95
I love having large, voluminous lashes, however the mascaras I’ve used in the past (think Better Than Sex and Boombastic) achieve that look until halfway through the day, then flake up and irritate my eyes for the other half. My first foray into natural mascaras, I was expecting a slightly more muted look as natural ingredients (I thought) wouldn’t create such a thickening effect. Although this isn’t as dramatic as my previous mascaras, it definitely volumises enough for my taste, and the slow-drying formula allows for versatility as you can apply however many layers you call necessary. Slow-drying has its drawbacks, a sneeze can ruin your whole look and if you’re heavy handed like me, smudging is inevitable. But I have found this doesn’t tend to smudge or transfer throughout the day, so it’s really just an application problem. The major bonus is this doesn’t go flaky like all other volumising mascaras have done to me, so I no longer spend hours trying to blink mascara out of my eyeball. Nice.

Natural Mascara Adorable Lashes in Deep Ocean £7.95
This is (shamefully) my first ever coloured mascara, and I love it! Much more wearable than some royal blue counterparts, I’ve found this subtly contrasts with my brown eyes and gives my neutral eyeshadow looks a little more oomph. This only looks blue in bright light, and even then it’s hard to tell, but it’s definitely more interesting than a black or brown. Like before, this is non-irritating to my eyes as it uses natural ingredients and doesn’t dry and flake up. Though this mascara is a little bit less volumising, you do get a great curl from the application and I feel like it lengthens beautifully. My only qualm is that it can be a little smudgy, and blue smudges under the eye do not help my existing tired-look. I have been wearing this so much more than I expected to – and I’m loving it!

To tell you the truth, I had no idea what to expect from Benecos, but I’m so pleasantly surprised. Accessible, affordable makeup to suit a huge variety of different styles while being natural and cruelty-free? Such a winner for me. To top it off, most of their products are vegan and are clearly marked.

Have you tried Benecos makeup?


  1. I've tried a few things from Benecos and was really impressed. That black mascara sounds really good - I love having volumised lashes but I find most natural mascaras focus on a 'natural' lash and I prefer something with a bit more va-va-voom! May have to try this one soon :)

    Kayleigh x

    1. I really love it! It definitely sounds like what you're looking for xx


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