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The Vegan Palette of Dreams | BH Cosmetics X Carli Bybel

Since transitioning my cruelty-free collection to an entirely vegan one, I’ve found palettes to be a pain in the ass. Why is carmine so widely used? Why is it more normal to find crushed up beetles in eyeshadows than not? I’m constantly baffled.

When doing a lil’ makeup shopping a couple of months…

Discovering Benecos

One brand I’ve often seen pop up on my cruelty-free timeline is Benecos, a natural and affordable makeup company offering products suitable to all. Though I’d seen a few of their products reviewed by my favourites, and waked past the stand at Holland and Barrett with wide-eyes, I hadn’t tried this…

Self-Care Advice From My First Counselling Session

The first and only time I opened up about my mental health on this blog was when I wrote an open letter to depression, which I deleted when I started Uni, but as I later found out it inspired at least two people close to me to seek help, I’ve re-published it.

This post, on a much brighter note, w…
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