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Cosy Camping | Cwmcoedog Farm

A couple of weeks ago, Sam and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary by trekking up to Lampter and cosying up in a cabin for the weekend. I adored camping when I was younger but haven't been in years, and Sam loves the great outdoors as a native Welshman. Being the middle of February, a pod seemed like the perfect compromise between comfort and nature. As quite a bargainous getaway with plenty of selling points (donkeys!), Cwmcoedog Farm was the one.

When we arrived in a nearby town, Aberaeron, we found ourselves stranded as neither of us drive, but luckily one of the owners, Arwell, was kind enough to drive down and pick us up himself. Life saver! We arrived and Arwell gave us a tour of the area. He showed us our pod and how to work the heating, then walked us over to the shower pods. These were way more luxurious than the average camper is used to - two warm rooms with a real shower, toilet, sink and heated towel rail (I was so relieved). He then showed us to the games room and also how to work the hot tub (yes- HOT TUB).

Other amenities include an outside, sheltered eating area, a small kitchen pod with a microwave, washing machines, and a lake with boats and kayaks. What else could you possibly need?

As you can see, the inside of the cabins were the perfect level of basic - you still need sleeping bags and camping equipment but you can rest assured you'll be snug and warm.

We spent out first night embracing the lack of phone signal and spending the clichéd quality time together. But honestly, when was the last time you and your partner spent hours and hours together without checking a single device? We played ping pong and foosball for a while, laughing at each other and being fully present. It was genuine bliss, and I'm feeling a pang of nostalgia for this as I sit typing, in silence, next to Sam. Oops.

During the night, we fiddled with wood and firelighters at the fire pit (and when I say 'we', I mean 'Sam'). Eyes watering while hunching over the smoke, the eventual sip of tea we drank was SO much more rewarding. We roasted a vegan chorizo sausage and a tin of tomato soup - disregarding the microwave as we relished in the novelty.

The next morning, after Sam chased his new-found donkey friends around the lake, we took a Taxi back to Aberaeron. A world away from the cities we're used to, the town was beaming with quirkiness and had a long coastal cliff-side walk ready for us to take. With the cool sun on the makeup-free face, we laughed and talked for hours as we walked side by side, dodging thistles and thorns. When I finally got tired of slipping in the mud, we strolled back to a small inn to share a bowl of chips and a cappuccino.

Our final evening we found ourselves alone in the campsite. Sam took a dip in the hot tub as we watched the stars appear (and subsequently disappear, it was a cloudy night). We played cheesy love songs aloud as we snuggled up, sleeping bags and all, by the fire pit.

If you ever feel drawn towards the great outdoors but aren't a camping veteran, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Cwmcoedog Pods. We shall definitely be returning (hopefully with the ease of a car) - I'll leave some details below if you're interested.

arwelneris@cwmcoedogcottages.co.uk / 01545 580303

*P.S. I know I have raved non-stop about this place, but just to clarify, we visited the pods from our own free will, discovered it through a lot of Googling and paid to stay with our own money. :)


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