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Cardiff, UK

Co-ordinating With Cardiff

Subconsciously co-ordinating with Cardiff is apparently the theme of this post.

I love neutral colours, can you tell? In fact, I didn't even realise I had a slightly warm/neutral Instagram theme until Abi and Rachel pointed it out to me, oops! Maybe that's why I've been itching to take some photos with Cardiff's beautiful beige architecture as a backdrop. 


This outfit is the perfect University day outfit. Layering is important for trekking across a chilly campus to then sit in a room where the heating has been ramped up to 40°. Not to mention comfort, and although I love a simple jeans and jumper combo, my Winter belly isn't getting along very kindly with jean waistbands. So these preppy trousers are the perfect compromise, even if I have to roll them up further than they're supposed to. And lest we ever forget my bargainous second-hand Levi's jacket, which I've been wearing non-stop for almost a year now.

Top - New Look & Shoes - New Balance (Christmas Gifts), Trousers - Topshop (Old), Jacket - Second Hand Levi's


Can we have some huge appreciation for the beautiful photography in this post by Pierre-Louis Tharreau? I'm so, so grateful he offered to have a photoshoot with me, and was incredibly patient while I posed awkwardly. You can check out more of his work here: Instagram / Night Photography Instagram / Website / Facebook. Thanks again, Pierre!

Hopefully you enjoyed a little burst of outfit inspo and a peek at Cardiff's backdrop potential. As my wardrobe becomes increasingly more ethical/sustainable fashion focused, I'm looking forward to showing more outfit posts, but until then, this is what ya get


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