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17 Blogs to Follow in 2017

This post is incredibly overdue. This was originally a 2016 roundup but since beginning to write this, over a month has passed, and I’m sure we’re all pretty over 2016 by now. But that’s no reason not to celebrate my favourite bloggers I discovered last year, as I will still be reading and loving them all in 2017 too!

In no particular order, here are 17 bloggers who killed it in 2016, and if you’re not already following them, you should spend your 2017 doing so. The  will take you to my favourite post of theirs.

Abi – Wacky Wabi | Insta | Twitter
Abi is a YouTuber I discovered before I came up to Cardiff for Uni, and I’m so grateful I did. Her videos span from beauty, to fitness, to student lifestyle vlogs. A super talented and hardworking YouTuber & social media whiz, I’m now lucky enough to call her a friend!

Rachel is definitely one with words! Since meeting her in the Winter, I always look forward to her carefully crafted posts, sharing bursts of her travel adventures, fashion bites and insightful articles. A fellow Cardiff blogger, I’d really recommend you check out Rachel’s blog for splash of fun, but genuinely informative reading.

Steph – The Zombie Said Insta | Twitter | 
A cruelty-free beauty & lifestyle blogger who radiates that cool-grunge vibe. I adore Steph’s makeup looks, and her lifestyle posts and Instagram stories serve as constant inspiration (mostly to get my ass to the gym)! If you’re into beauty and a cruelty-free lifestyle, The Zombie Said is a must-follow.

My favourite cruelty-free and ethical lifestyle YouTuber by far (and she probably bloody knows it the amount I comment on her videos). The epitome of grace, and serving constantly as a source of makeup and second-hand fashion inspiration – I am a total wannabe Becky. Not even sorry.

I came across Sarah’s blog waaay back during my first #VeganHour chat. Her blog is an absolute staple for anyone getting into cruelty-free beauty or a vegan lifestyle, and bonus – she has adorable dogs! In addition to this, Sarah runs a YouTube channel full of helpful vegan food videos and down-to-earth vlogs.

If you’re looking for a beautiful minimalist blog, I have you covered. April’s blog focuses on living a sustainable and conscious lifestyle, and welcomes you calmly into greener living. A little corner of the internet to take haven in, definitely follow for a soothing read.

Christine – Makeup Guinea Pig | Insta | Twitter
Another cruelty-free beauty blogger favourite (can you tell what type of blogs I like to read?). Christine’s beauty posts are so genuinely helpful and informative. Her contagiously positive personality is injected into every post, and it reads as if you are being advised from a friend.

Christina – City Loveee | YouTube | Insta | Twitter
Another #VeganHour find, Christina’s blog and YouTube channel are full of peppy character and amazing vegan food. If you’re a travel lover like I am, you’ll feel inspired and full of wanderlust scrolling through her blog or channel.

Veterinary student Vivi’s blog is bursting with food for thought, mostly regarding animal rights, from BSL to cruelty-free beauty. Her beauty posts feature colourful, creative photography and genuinely helpful discussion.

Alejandra - Sieleth | Insta | Twitter
Sieleth is a creative blog that’s had a recent re-launch, and a stunning one at that! With an intriguing look into the world of design, and everything crafted with care on the blog, Alex’s breath taking style means Sieleth is a site you’ll need to bookmark.

Milenka – Millieonhearts | Insta | Twitter
Milenka’s blog is so stylish and chic – one of those blogs that makes you feel totally in awe of the girl behind it. Thoughtful text accompanies the striking photography in all of her posts, and they will have you reaching for a blanket and a hot drink while you scroll.

An incredibly talented creative blogger, I stumbled upon Amy’s blog through Blogsocks (more on this below). I’m no expert when it comes to art and design, but all I can say is I would wallpaper my house with Amy’s work. If you’re into vibrant prints and fascinating blog posts, then The Creative Outlook is a blog you must follow!

Sarah’s lifestyle blog features posts about cruelty-free beauty, but also chronic illness and mental health. In terms of mental health, Sarah’s blog is a friend to relate to and a place to visit to know you’re not alone. Her blog has also enlightened me to a world of chronic illness that I was only vaguely aware of before, and has made me more aware and (hopefully) considerate.

A lifestyle blogger with useful posts on beauty, food and style, I discovered Sophie’s blog in late 2016 and was instantly impressed! Her photography is wonderful and I’m in awe of her dedication to a healthy lifestyle over on her Instagram. She also has an Etsy store, selling printables like this life-saving student planner!

My favourite part of Nadia’s blog is the thought-provoking, honest lifestyle pieces. You’ll also expect to find plenty of cruelty-free beauty recommendations and delicious vegan recipes. Recently rebranding and moving to a self-hosted site (wow), Not So Quiet Grrl is looking fresh and better than ever.

Olivia – La Livi Lou | Insta | Twitter
I found Olivia and her original blog, The Printed Parade, through the cruelty-free Instagram hashtag. By coincidence, she is a fellow Cardiff Uni student, which is incredible! La Livi Lou is a blog full of inspirational content, cruelty-free beauty and – more recently – trying veganism. Follow Olivia’s blog for a feel-good read!

Blogsocks is a new blog-discovery platform created by Charlotte, the blogger behind Fox Socks. When Bloglovin’ frustratingly removed their Up & Coming feature, Charlotte came up with the solution, and this is it! Check out Blogsocks to discover some amazing new reads.

Hopefully you’ve now discovered your favourite 2017 reads, and I trust you’ll love them as much as I did! And if you’re reading this, congrats on getting through over 1000 words (god knows I couldn’t write that much so fast for a Uni assignment).

Who are your favourite bloggers for 2017?
*All photos are credited to their respective bloggers, from left to right


  1. I've just seen this! Thank you so much for mentioning me, and your kind words. Going to read everyone's blogs now!

  2. Thanks for including me, Nadine! I especially liked how you included your fave post of each blogger. I was fun to see your favorite of mine. :) Thanks, again! <3

    - Christina

    1. You're welcome! Thanks, I thought it would make the blog more personal. I'm glad you liked! :)

  3. Only just read this - thank you so much for your kind words (although I am the least co-ordinated/graceful person to walk the earth) and thank you for all the recommendations! I have so many new blogs/channels to follow now THANK YOU <3

  4. I am always on the hunt for new bloggers to read and engage with. Thanks for sharing this post!

    Charlotte x

  5. Thank you for featuring me in this! Feel so amazing and privileged to be part of such an awesome list of bloggers!! We should totally meet up in Cardiff for a coffee! Ox


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