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Home For Christmas | Explore Southsea With Me

I came back home a little early this month to wave farewell to my sister, who is currently on a luxurious island in the Maldives to work for a year. Now that you've got the image of paradise in your head- here's shitty old Southsea. haha kidding. A bit.

Since moving to Cardiff in August, I think being away from home has made me appreciate it a lot more. Rather than fall back into old habits (aka grumbling about how boring Southsea is), I have been trying to find the parts that make me happy.

My little sis showed me a little cafe hidden in Southsea Castle which was so painfully Instagram-worthy. After a chilly walk across the seafront, a warm Chai Latte was so vital. The Christmas decs were to die for and the atmosphere just oozed cosiness - if you're ever in the Southsea area then deffo check out the Courtyard.

I'm happy to be home (and fed, a lot of the time, by mum), and I'm really appreciating the places I've gone without for a while. So here's a lil list of my beloved Southsea spots, in case you were ever nearby.

  • The seafront, preferably with the dog. It's free, and almost exactly the same as Brighton without the tourists.
  • Clarence Parade Pier - a funfair and arcades, what else do you expect from a seaside town?
  • Smile Cafe (a post on this coming soon to Eat Write Vegan)
  • The walk between Old Portsmouth and Gunwharf Quays - so photogenic for outfit photos I'm not cool enough to take.
  • Wild Thyme, a health food shop with a small cafĂ© area (Booja Booja stockists)

Seems like a short list, yes, but you'd have been lucky to get that much out of me pre-Uni. I secretly do love it though. There's no place like home xo

P.S. I compiled a short video about this day for a competition by Accor Hotels. If you want to check that out, click here.


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