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Pleats & Pleather | Winter Style

Another instalment of Deenie tries to be a fashion blogger. This one's called: the rain is not my friend. You can literally see my hair and makeup disintegrate in the rain. But I tried!

Winter Skincare Saviours | Cruelty Free Beauty

The winter is not kind to our skin. Due to a lack of Vitamin D (and a tan), it's the time of year I feel most inclined to wear high coverage makeup, which then puts me in a vicious circle as my skin deteriorates. Add the bitter winds and central heating, and you've got a recipe for a disastrous complexion.

Home For Christmas | Explore Southsea With Me

I came back home a little early this month to wave farewell to my sister, who is currently on a luxurious island in the Maldives to work for a year. Now that you've got the image of paradise in your head- here's shitty old Southsea. haha kidding. A bit.

Christmas Gift Guide - Vegan & Cruelty Free

For today's post I will be coming at you with a gift guide. If you're like me, the 13th is not 'leaving it a little late', and actually is about the time to start thinking about what you will gift people.

My Student Planner

I feel so free. My last deadline of 2016 is over and I'm free to enjoy December, without the weight of a hefty workload bringing me down! But 2017 is looming, with more deadlines and exams. And I refuse to let myself get back into the all-nighter habit again. New year new me & all that jazz.

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