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October Media | Watch, Read + Listen

I was going to do an October faves but most of my favourites this month aren't physical objects, but blogs, TV series and books. So I decided to begin a monthly round-up of all media based things I love and would recommend wholeheartedly.

So here's a few of my favourite things from the past month that might make your November brighter:

I Watched

Stranger Things
As usual I'm a little late on the bandwagon but god DAMN Stranger Things was good. Sam, my sister and I watched all 8 hours in a row because we were not willing to stop. It was the whole package for me- strong female characters, sci-fi, fantasy, there's even a dog in there for a little bit. And Nancy's preppy 80's wardrobe was to die for! On the off chance that you haven't already watched it - do.

Peep Show
For something a lil' bit lighter than the above, and more than 8 damn episodes. Have to be honest, I only re-discovered this gem in the last 3 days when my pal Eoghan popped it on when he visited but it's been 3 days of hilarity so far.

Cruelty-Free Becky
My fave cruelty-free YouTube channel at the moment, Becky's videos are just so cool and down to earth. I've been so keen to watch them as soon as they pop up on my sub list but it's always worth it!

I Read

Charlotte (the blogger behind Fox Socks) created a space online in lieu of Bloglovin's scrapped Up & Coming feature. I've discovered so many new bloggers in the short space of time it's been up and I'm looking forward to finding many more. I'm incredibly lucky to have been featured, you can check out my interview here, and the rest of October's featured bloggers here. You're welcome.

(not so) quiet girl
Nadia absolutely slayed Blogtober (am I cool enough to say 'slayed'?). I adored keeping up with her posts - beauty, lifestyle, thought provokers, she covered it all. Go have a scroll through!

The Girl On The Train
I finished this very early October (in fact, possibly late September? Scatterbrain, soz) but it has stuck in my mind as one of the best books I've read so far this year. I love mysterious themes and powerful female characters. It is a true cliche of the thriller theme, which I am a big fan of recently. I hated the movie though.

I Listened To

Big Tree - This New Year
Not new by any stretch but every single October I dust off this ol' record (log into my old Spotify account) to listen to the song October. So calming.

Take Three
Film lovers! My friend Lucas co-hosts a student radio show called Take Three and it's really worth a listen, especially if you're stuck choosing what to watch next. Honest reviews and really easy (and hilare) to listen to, check it out!

Well now you know why I didn't blog for almost all of October, I was busy clicking away it seems! Let me know what you thought of this style of post and if you watched/read/listened to any of the same things I did! x


  1. I'm about half way through Stranger Things and loving it atm! Also read Girl on the Train and loved it too! So, I might have to have a look into your other recommendations too now lol

    Christie x


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