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Gap Year Highlights | In Video

In two weeks, I start Uni. That is an exciting and terrifying thing all by itself, but it also means that my (I hate this phrase) Gap Year is over.

I don't know if you can tell by my lack of posts in the last month or two but I have blogger's block big time. The best way for me to show you the highlights of the past year is through the video diaries I've made to document them.

Interrailing - October & November 2015

Lisbon - May 2016

Amsterdam - July 2016

Gap Year Guide

If you haven't already seen a few of my videos, why not check out my channel (and subscribe if you like it)! 

I'd love to tell you this post was well-planned self-promo but honestly my blog's been bare for such a long time and these videos are the only thing I've put enough work into to present to you. Enjoy!


  1. These are all helping me want to travel! I'm definitely going to at the end of uni! So glad I found your blog, I've followed you on bloglovin!


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