Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Gap Year Highlights | In Video

In two weeks, I start Uni. That is an exciting and terrifying thing all by itself, but it also means that my (I hate this phrase) Gap Year is over.

I don't know if you can tell by my lack of posts in the last month or two but I have blogger's block big time. The best way for me to show you the highlights of the past year is through the video diaries I've made to document them.

Interrailing - October & November 2015

Lisbon - May 2016

Amsterdam - July 2016

Gap Year Guide

If you haven't already seen a few of my videos, why not check out my channel (and subscribe if you like it)! 

I'd love to tell you this post was well-planned self-promo but honestly my blog's been bare for such a long time and these videos are the only thing I've put enough work into to present to you. Enjoy!

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  1. These are all helping me want to travel! I'm definitely going to at the end of uni! So glad I found your blog, I've followed you on bloglovin!


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