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If you fancy a city break to one of the most stunning locations in Europe, but don't have a hefty amount to spare, you've come to the right gal! You just need to plan carefully, and be willing to give up a little bit of comfort.


Take the coach. Yes, a coach, all the way to Amsterdam. It's not that bad (okay it's crap). But what if I told you that a return trip cost us less than £22?
Book with Megabus. I've taken coaches with Megabus to London, Paris and now Amsterdam (probably further some day). The word cheap is an understatement!
The key is ALWAYS to book early, and it helps if you can be a little bit flexible on the times/dates you're going.


As I just said, book early! Honestly, start looking now if you're interested.
If you're serious about the cheap budget, be prepared to give up a little bit of luxury. Our hotel's decor didn't really matter much to us, we were just there for fun.
My number one place to look for hotels is Budget Places. In my opinion they have the best deals (like hotels with one room left that they want to get rid of quickly), but it can be hit and miss. In that case, Hostel World and AirBnb are an obvious go-to!
The hotel we actually stayed at was Meininger Hotel Amsterdam. Dead cheap, pretty sweet. For all three nights, a 4 person room cost us around £52 each!


The £75 just covered travel & accom, but I'm always a budget traveller. A lot of the tourist traps in Amsterdam are quite cheap or free (the Iamsterdam letters, a walk through the Red Light District, etc). If you stay in a hostel they throw around discount vouchers for restaurants & activities like confetti! You can never escape paying for food, but do a little research before walking into places so you know you can afford them (my fellow vegans are probably already in the habit of this though). Stock up on snacks in supermarkets to munch in your room before going out for the day, it'll save you spending your fun money on a €6 sandwich! 

If you've been on the fence about having an Amsterdam trip, do it! You won't regret it and it won't burn as big a hole in your bank as you may have thought!


  1. I came across your blog on bloglovin and I absolutely love it. This is a great post, I'm really keen on travelling but budgeting is something I need to work with. I never even realised how cheap the coach was, Its seriously something to consider!

    Harriet - http://www.harrietday.com/

    1. Thank you! The coach is so cheap, far from a luxurious travel but if you're on a budget it is amazing! x


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