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Amsterdam, Netherlands


I was lucky enough to spend my 19th birthday in Amsterdam this year, with my boyfriend and our two best pals.

You need energy for a fab day out, right? So we started with a tasty birthday coffee and my friends got waffles with some mouth-droppin' toppings at (aptly named) Pancakes & Waffles. I don't know if there are any vegan options but if you're about, it can't hurt to ask! I was in a rush to get out and explore my day tbh.

We trammed it over to the Rijksmuseum and became walking talking cliches - climbing on whatever letter of the famous 'iamsterdam' we could. The guys got some hot dogs and we relaxed in the grass for a while (despite what the photos tell you- the weather was lush).

Thanks to a recommendation from April (Another Story For Tomorrow) we took a trip up to Marbles Vintage & Design. I bought a t-shirt but the guys loved browsing through and ended up with a pair of shoes and a pretty nice shirt!

Come night time, we found dinner at Luna Restaurant. The decor was quirky - old time posters and cards lined up everywhere, even the ceilings. Then we searched about to find a buzzing bar or two, felt merry and headed back to our hotel.

I had the best birthday ever! Plus everything fit into my super-tight budget, and a post on how I did this is coming! If you ever fancy a city-break birthday, take a leaf out of my book!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nadine! I hope I can spend my bday in Amsterdam one of these days. ;) Love that city. That thrift shop looks cute! Happy you had fun celebrating.



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