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Lisbon quickly became one of my favourite European cities (and I've seen a few!). Honestly, I hadn't heard much about it before, but after lusting after Carrie's Portugal posts, I marked it quickly as one of my next-to-visit places. If you're like me and you're not all clued up on Portuguese cities, read on to find out why I think you should visit beautiful Lisboa!


 Lisbon is SO photogenic. The gorgeous patterned tiles on every building, the tiles on the floor you can't stop snapping and even the tiles at the Feira da Ladra you can pick up as a souvenir. Portuguese tiles are uniquely beautiful and yes, I confess myself as a geek but they are fun to look at.


It's not all Pastel de Nata in Lisbon! Although Sam wolfed down a few hundred in four days, and assures me they are delicious, there's plenty for a vegan to munch on too. Find a delicious veggie burger at Honorato, To.B (To Burger or Not to Burger), or the Time Out Market. If you fancy something more refreshing, Gelato Fragoleto offer some amazing vegan ice cream and sorbet options. If you self-cater like we did, take a trip to Brio to find yourself in a health-food heaven (and make sure to pick up a vegan version of a Pastel de Nata too)!


Even without the tiles, Lisbon's walls are bursting with life and colour. Even if you're not a blogger or photography enthusiast, you're going to want to keep your phone handy at all times to snap the large-scale art work!


Lisbon is alive. There's always something going on around you, the city is buzzing with bounce. But what I found unique about Lisbon was how simultaneously laid-back it all was. There seemed to be no stress, no anger, just happiness and good vibes. The city seemed somewhat dated (in the best way), like our western tourism hadn't quite caught up with it (ruined it) yet. I can't try and claim that I really immersed myself in Portuguese culture, but what I gathered from the lovely people we spoke to, Lisbon is happy. I loved it! 


Go and see the Elevador de Santa Justa from the outside, then climb up to any of the nearby shops to see the same view without queuing, for free!
Again, climb up to see the castle, but if you're not too interested in paying to go inside, just absorb the view of the city around it.
If you're going to take a tram (you gotta!), get a Metro Card and put a 1.40€ ticket on it, rather than pay 2.80€ on the tram. Avoid peak times at all costs, they make it so much less enjoyable!
Check out the Feira da Ladra and haggle for some cheap souvenirs. A mix between a car-boot sale and a big European market, you might have to look hard for something worthwhile, but it'll be even more rewarding!

My highlights of the city are just part of what makes Lisbon a must-see. There was so much we didn't explore, so I'm sure we'll be back! If you have any recommendations yourself, please let me know in the comments!

If you're interested, I also made a travel diary vlog of our trip. Check that out below!

Thanks for reading, and follow me for more adventures!


  1. I miss Lisbon really badly (after spending 8 years of my life there). And recently there's been so many new stores and the city is definitely reinventing itself and I do love it!


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