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This weekend I was fed up with looking at my arm. Fed up of seeing my patchy skin, veins showing through and tiny freckles. I decided I was ready for Tattoo Number Two!

Saturday and Sunday I spent scrolling through Pinterest, finding different designs I might be interested in. You can see the board I created here. I had a chat with my tattoo-ed sister and she recommended a few of her favourite artists.

By Monday, I was scrolling through Southsea Tattoo Co's Facebook Page, when I saw a design I loved. I got in contact within 5 minutes of the design being posted, and at 10:30 the next day, I was in the studio having it etched into my skin forever!

People may roll their eyes at me for getting a permanent fixture on my body so spontaneously, but I know this will make me happy for years to come. To look at my arm and smile at this beautiful artwork was well worth the money and pain. Tattoos are only as permanent as we are, and we're not here forever. I might regret it? Well, if in 20 years my biggest worry is a small floral pattern on my arm, I'll still be pretty damn happy.

That's not to say all tattoos have to meaningless and spontaneous to be fun! My other tattoo is a little paw print in honour of my best friend Bonny, a tattoo I knew I was going to get since I was way too young to get inked, and look at every day with love. But 'fuck it I want flowers' is just as good a reason for me!


Although I was happy with my first tattoo parlour, I can't quite point out anything spectacular about it- I don't even remember my tattoer's name. Walking into Southsea Tattoo Co really won me over. The place oozes personality, experience and professionalism. I'm mostly grateful however, to Gre Harp! Considering I'd spent a weekend flicking through tattoo ideas that were almost perfect, to find something and so instantly want it on my arm forever, his designs are pretty damn good. 

If you're into the same kind of dainty, floral details like I am, and you're in the South, I really strongly recommend you check his page out! Gre does a lot of flash designs at such a good price, and they are so high quality. As for the tattoo session itself, I felt really carefully attended to. He made sure I had the placement exactly right, gave me enough time to look at it and think it through, and took enough time tattooing to make sure every tiny detail was perfect (but no so much time as to drag out the pain- honestly I'm a wimp so I'm grateful for that).

You can probably tell that I don't have any hardcore experience in being tattooed (yet) but if you have any questions then I'll try to answer them as best I can! But I'd recommend first checking out the links above if you're interested in getting inked.


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