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Second Hand Style FT. The Bloggers Market & Charity Shopping

Skirt, Jacket & Jumper - From Olivia (What Olivia Did) @ The Bloggers Market
Boots - From Dunya (Dearest Deer) @ The Bloggers Market
Bag - Clutch from a charity shop re-worked into a bag

Hello! If you're new to the blog then here's the best way to get to know me - I love anything that's good for my bank account, and good for the planet. Buying second hand clothes is an interest of mine that teams together being creative, with recycling and reducing waste caused by the fast fashion industry. Not to mention, you're usually funding charities or real people - opposed to multi-millionaire companies that unfortunately abuse their workers and the environment!

My skirt, jumper and Levis jacket I found at The Bloggers Market earlier this month. Buying pre-loved pieces doesn't mean heading to one charity shop and grimacing at M&S maxi dresses your gran wore ten years ago. There are always beautiful things you can find- from the stylish beautiful bloggers at TBM, vintage/second hand fairs, apps and websites like Depop and Etsy... the possibilities are endless! But if you look hard enough, you can find nice things in charity shops, you just have to hunt!


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