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I started Just Add Deenie when I was 14, and didn't know which category to 'fit' it in. Lifestyle? Fashion? Beauty? As a teenager, the last four years have been spent trying to figure out what I like and feel passionate about in real life, let alone what I should blog about. Just Add Deenie has gone through phases and changes (I don't even go by 'Deenie' anymore) and I doubt it's ever going to fit into a category. But here's just a little list of things that I've found a lot of love for, and you're probably going to find a lot of here.

The main focus in my life at the moment that will definitely be reflected in my posts is the need to save money and make ethical choices. I've always been a frugal gal, I'm quite frank about my need for budgeting and I'm not ashamed that I'd rather save what little money I have spare for an adventure away rather than a designer phone case. It's also a recent importance in my life to make sure my consumer habits are focused on people and businesses that put their workers first, and the environment as a high priority.

First and foremost, I freaking LOVE my food. Healthy food, baked goods, home made, restaurant, even takeaway junk, I love it. I'm in a transition to veganism right now so I'm having a lot of fun trying out new recipes, new ingredients and visiting as many of the few cafes and restaurants near me that offer vegan options.

I've worked with cosmetics and beauty products for the last two years in a drugstore, so it helps me day-to-day to know a lot about what's new in the world of facial fashion. My main focus when buying beauty products for myself is that they are totally cruelty free, and don't include too many harsh chemicals.

I find a lot of enjoyment in piecing together an outfit that I feel confident in. I might not be up to date on all the latest trends, designers etc, but I like clothes. Chopping and changing my own personal style and grabbing snippets of inspiration from magazines, bloggers and intimidatingly beautiful people walking down the street is how I do fashion. I love pre-loved, recycled clothing too, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and I am usually the other man.

I am a very opinionated person and once you get me going on an issue I care about, it'll take a lot to shut me up. I've never really let my most political thoughts and feelings spill onto this blog because I thought they just don't go, but why not? Blogging is the perfect platform to share things I feel strongly about, so watch out for the odd rant now and then. Things are gonna get serious.

So I think in this post, we've established that me and my blog fit into no category. But why should it? I might never be an A-List blogger, or a brand ambassador, but I can show a few people the things I love and think are important. That's what Just Add Deenie is about.


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