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Budapest | Short & Sweet Cities

6th City | 3 days | Hostel

Budapest wins hands down for best value city. Even our hostel (Maverick Hostel & Ensuites) was the cheapest but most luxurious of our accommodation for the whole trip - we had a private room & ensuite with a shared kitchen, it was lush!

We were staying right near the river, and our first night was gorgeous, we walked around and saw all the beautiful lights and listened to a couple of crazy street performers. In the morning, we hunted for the most Pinterest-worthy cafe and every five minutes we stopped at a Sekler Cake/Chimney Cake stand. It was a foody visit.

We whizzed up over the Budapest eye (but didn't manage a non-blurry photo) and drank in the view. The weather was bright and beautiful but Budapest really stood out to me at night. It oozed cool and romance and I'll always remember the night we stocked up on SO much junk food for about £3 and felt disgusting but also fantastic.

Previously, we visited Milan & Como. Next stop, Prague!


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