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Berlin | Short & Sweet Cities

8th City | 2 Days | Hostel

When we made it to Berlin I was VERY ill. Therefore, the only picture we ended up taking was of the Berlin Victory Column on a walk to get fresh air. And the only food I tried was bread rolls from the Lidl next to our hostel. I missed out on real German sausages dude :'(

From our short walks around before I retired to the hostel with exhaustion, I got a really luxe vibe from Berlin. Everything was so TALL, and clean. Like London if you cleaned it non-stop for a year.

I really wish we spent more time adventuring, the girls we shared our hostel with had a really good time on their walking tour and rented bicycles, so I guess you can do that if you go there. Just don't get ill.

Previously, we visited Prague. Next stop... Copenhagen!


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