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Thrifty Business | Thoughtful Shopping

In the new year I've made a couple of changes about my buying habits. I've never considered myself the worst shopaholic but discovering how much money I spent on clothes and makeup last year was a bit of a wakeup call! More importantly, I've been challenging myself to include ethical choices in my purchasing, I need to reduce my waste and buy from people/companies that I can trust.

Therefore, I've been having a bit of a second-hand reawakening! I've joined Depop (not just buying, selling too!) and picked up this cute little pairing of coat and pinafore.

Coat - Depop user @thomson1234 / Pinafore - Depop user @emjhelen / Scarf - Dorothy Perkins / Top - H&M / Shoes - New Look / Bag - Stradivarius
Whether you're an ethical shopper or just looking for some bargains, definitely have a scroll through Depop, Shpock or your nearby charity shops next time you're about to buy! It's well worth the effort if you ask me!

I'll also be helping out the amazing girls at The Bloggers Market this weekend! It's a go-to if you want some beautiful pre-loved pieces and an all round great Saturday!


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