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Brighton, UK

Purezza - Brighton

This Valentine's Day weekend, Sam and I made the trip up to Brighton for one lone reason: to visit Purezza!

Purezza is a recently opened plant-based Pizzeria, and a delicious one at that! 
Since going plant-based/vegan earlier in the year, this was my first meal out sans meat, dairy or eggs, and I'm lucky enough to have picked a winner!

For Valentine's Day, they offered a limited edition 18" pizza to share, on which you could have whatever picked your fancy. Sam and I chose BBQ sauce, spinach, caramelized onions and peppers on top of the tomato + dairy free cheese. The crust was crispy but not thin (even for deep-pan loving Sam!). I'd never actually tried non-dairy cheese before, having never liked cheese in the first place, but this was a tasty surprise. Overall we were really impressed with the pizza, and although I'd love to try and replicate it myself, I wouldn't be able to come close!

Dessert was the real deal. This chocolate calzone (served with chocolate dairy free ice cream) was gooey and sticky and rich and perfectly chocolately, and remembering it now- I'm actually tempted to hop back on the train to Brighton and have another. The pastry was soft and satisfying and the chocoholic that is myself was over the moon with this.

To sum it up: I was blown away by the quality of food in Purezza and I'm incredibly optimistic about eating out in my plant-based future. The service was great too, they were completely full up due to the occasion but very apologetic. If you're nearby, I recommend you check it out, whether or not you're vegan/plantbased, you'll be impressed!


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