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Paris | Short & Sweet Cities

3rd City | 2 Days | Hotel

Whether you've arrived for a raw account on my interrailing experience, or for a collection of cliched Paris pictures- you're in the right place!

Throw back to 1am, the night before our arrival in Paris, and imagine me and Sam, squashed behind some overly reclined IDIOT on the overnight train, scrolling through our phones trying to find somewhere to stay lest we spend a night on the streets in chilly Paris. No airbnbs had replied and we struggled to find a hostel or hotel within our budget. It was times like these that maybe our spontaneity didn't quite pay off.

I am lucky to have a Sam, because after he let me have a long snooze, it was 6am and we were in Paris, waiting to check in to a gorgeous boutique hotel that he found at a heavily discounted price. Our two days in Paris were spent shamelessly following the tourist agenda. Yes, I'm sure Paris is a beautiful city off the beaten track, but when you've got two days, ain't nobody got time for that.

Coffee & croissants delivered to our room, Notre-Dame Cathedral, L'Arc de Triomphe and of course, The Eiffell Tower were the highlights of our time there. We enjoyed macarons and the view of sunset over Paris- all the while planning an exciting meet up with our friends in Copenhagen later on our journey!

An important note: Paris was the first city I could find dry shampoo in and I will be eternally grateful for this.

Previously we explored Barcelona. Next stop, Milan!


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