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Barcelona | Short & Sweet Cities

2nd City | 2 Days | Hostel

The second stop was Barcelona! This was the first time I ever stayed at a hostel, so after a long night of travelling, walking into a roomful of 10 people (and 20 stinky feet) was a bit of an unwanted new experience. After taking a walk around Font Magica (the gorgeous lit up fountains) and a long deserved snooze, I was ready to take Barcelona!

We started both mornings off with coffee and pastries somewhere along the Gran Via. I found stradivarius and ditched my worn out handbag for a new one, and then we wondered along the harbour as far as we could go without realising in a whole day. We packed for what we expected- cold weather. 22 degrees in all black and a blanket scarf wasn't quite what I planned!

The highlight was probably... more churros. We found a little chocolatier tucked away in a corner and ordered so many churros we could have burst!

Previously we explored Madrid. Next stop, Paris!


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