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Thrifty Business | Thoughtful Shopping

In the new year I've made a couple of changes about my buying habits. I've never considered myself the worst shopaholic but discovering how much money I spent on clothes and makeup last year was a bit of a wakeup call! More importantly, I've been challenging myself to include ethical choices in my purchasing, I need to reduce my waste and buy from people/companies that I can trust.

Milan and Como | Short & Sweet Cities

4th and 5th Cities | 3 Days | Airbnb

Paris | Short & Sweet Cities

3rd City | 2 Days | Hotel

Barcelona | Short & Sweet Cities

2nd City | 2 Days | Hostel

Madrid | Short & Sweet Cities

1st City | 3 days | Hotel

Purezza - Brighton

This Valentine's Day weekend, Sam and I made the trip up to Brighton for one lone reason: to visit Purezza!

Purezza is a recently opened plant-based Pizzeria, and a delicious one at that! 
Since going plant-based/vegan earlier in the year, this was my first meal out sans meat, dairy or eggs, and I'm lucky enough to have picked a winner!

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