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The Gap Year

Since I was 15, I've known exactly what course I want to do at exactly which University. As much as I hated college, I somehow managed to power through and get my A Levels, with only the thought of my dream Uni keeping me from quitting. After two years of dreading five days out of the week, avoiding certain teachers and barely pulling together all the scraps of my lessons, I finally got the grades and secured my place at Cardiff University.

But I'm not going.

I'm not going, because after drowning in stress over the last two years, it doesn't really make much sense to come up for breath, then dive into more unknown waters. I've put off going for one year, so I can spend some time not having to worry about coursework or emails or anything really important. Just one year, and then I'll get back to it.

So now I'm on a gap year, can you guess what I'm going to do? Of course I'm going to go travelling. But I'm going to spend a lot more time working in order to make money to go travelling, which isn't quite as fun. But it does mean that I won't get too bored and I'll use my free time more wisely (I hope).

Hopefully I'll be doing some regular updates on travel plans, gap year life and other little bits and bobs. I've got a new memory card for my camera and I won't have any college work getting in the way of blogging time, yay!


  1. Heyya, Your blog is looking awesome! You should write about Europe, it was so lovely to join you the bit I joined you for. I might put a post up about it too. anyway comments are always lovely to get so have a great day, Pippa xoxo


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