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Corfu, Greece


Five months ago, my boyfriend, friend and I all sat in front of a computer, scouring the web for villas and apartments anywhere hot enough to enjoy our first adventure abroad. The only conditions: it had to be big enough to accommodate our enormous friend group, and cheap enough for a bunch of 17/18 year olds to be able to afford in the first place. I wrote out notes in order to give the others a presentation (which I wasn't allowed to give because it was "too much") but I was so eager to get people on board and stop it from being a pipe dream. Fast forward to June and...

Cue days by the pool, trying to relax but having seven full grown guys trying to play fight each other and therefore getting splashed.

And trips to the beach, taking the route the friendly shopkeeper drew us, which might have been on an unbearable slope but was eventually worth it to see the fish in the water.

And all pitching in to try and make 10 people's worth of food in one go, I was on salad duty but helped with the most amazing spaghetti bolognese and tried to help with a barbecue in the rain.

And lest we forget the cheap alcohol and getting served a week or so shy of my 18th birthday, we made the most of it, visiting three cocktail bars and a karaoke bar. Yes, a karaoke bar. No, I don't regret it.

 We only saw a small part of Corfu, a small area called Agios Stefanos and a nearby village Kassiopi, with a very short trip to Corfu Town on the last day. I adored my entire holiday, made perfect by the welcoming, friendly Greek people. From the taxi drivers all part of one family to the restaurant owners who shook our hands and treated us like their best friends, and the cocktail waitresses who did shots with us. We all know that Greece is in trouble right now, and many are clueless as to whether we can help. Some of us can. Next time you are booking a holiday, choose Greece, in everything. For one thing, it's cheaper on our end too. Book a bargain holiday (through a Greek airline if possible) bring lots of euros and indulge in the delicious food and beautiful trinkets you can find. You won't be the only one better off for it. We can't all afford to go on holiday obviously, I certainly can't, but if you or someone you know if planning to take a trip but you're not sure where, then go Greece!


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