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The Gap Year

Since I was 15, I've known exactly what course I want to do at exactly which University. As much as I hated college, I somehow managed to power through and get my A Levels, with only the thought of my dream Uni keeping me from quitting. After two years of dreading five days out of the week, avoiding certain teachers and barely pulling together all the scraps of my lessons, I finally got the grades and secured my place at Cardiff University.

But I'm not going.


Five months ago, my boyfriend, friend and I all sat in front of a computer, scouring the web for villas and apartments anywhere hot enough to enjoy our first adventure abroad. The only conditions: it had to be big enough to accommodate our enormous friend group, and cheap enough for a bunch of 17/18 year olds to be able to afford in the first place. I wrote out notes in order to give the others a presentation (which I wasn't allowed to give because it was "too much") but I was so eager to get people on board and stop it from being a pipe dream. Fast forward to June and...

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