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What's In My Bag

I wanted to do one of these posts for ages but I change around my bags on such a regular basis I didn't know which to capture. So this is a general big college bag vs small work/going out bag thing. And when I say going out I mean going to a friend's house to watch a movie or going to Costa, not out-out. I'm not that cool :(
My red satchel bag* is the bag I'll take to work with my and shove in the locker or chuck my purse and keys in if I'm out for the day. As you can see, the contents are pretty basic. I have a teeny tiny hair brush, because my hair cannot survive a single gust of wind. I sometimes take a magazine with me to work during my breaks and this is sadly the last print issue of Company, my favourite magazine. I am heartbroken. I have a 17 Pressed Powder Compact and a BodyShop Strawberry Lipbalm which smells and even tastes so strongly of strawberry laces it's to die for. A couple of pens, my awful, awful Nokia phone and an old Primark purse (I'm saving up to get a beautiful one, it'll do for now).

In my big fat college bag (that is wearing away at the straps from the weight that's put on it) I have, well, quite a lot. My glasses are essential if I want to read a powerpoint. I have a notebook and a huge file that I got on sale from WH Smiths. In the bottom right you might be able to make out a Nivea Lip Balm Stick and a Topshop Lipstick, because I am a high maintenance beauty queen. A litre of water, an umbrella for emergencies, a pencil case, hairbrush, aforementioned bits and bobs and The Great Gatsby which we have to do for Lit but I loveed before anyway! Then I sometimes take in my laptop which I love but my achey shoulders do not after a day of lugging all this around.

Not quite so glamorous as the other What's In My Bag posts I've seen (even less so with the thick layer of old receipts and cereal bar wrappers at the bottom of the bag) but it's practical.

Bye bye!
-Deenie xoxo

*I know I just linked you to a random bag but my grandma got me this as a gift and I have no idea where it's from but I love it!


  1. I love this style of post, it is always so interesting to see what other people have. I own a Sony Vaio too.

  2. Gorgeous post, love seeing inside people bags! Haha thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts;



  3. Ah your bag must be so heavy! My sister carries a bag to school and it's such a heavy weight! I think most people edit down their 'whats in my bag posts' I certainly have removed packets of tissues and old receipts from the photos!

    1. Yep I don't know how my poor shoulders cope haha!


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