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How Do You Take Your Tea?

One perk to being a close friend of mine is that I'll always remember how to make your perfect cuppa. It used to be called my specialtea (cringe). 

Tea is always such a big part of my life, in the colder months I refuse to crawl out of my duvet without the promise of a wake-me-up cuppa and instantly flick the kettle on the second I'm back from college, there's nothing nicer than sitting by the window doing some coursework or tapping away at a blog post with a little rain patting down on the windows, steam rising from your mug. And then comes the Summer, where tea is still my favourite drink, only iced and packed full of sugar and fruit flavours. And then there's a lunchtime green tea to go with a healthy salad and a post-yoga camomile and honey in the evenings, black white and green teas with fruit infusions when I'm feeling adventurous but my favourite is simple english breakfast. Tetley or PG tips only.

I guess this is just a little love letter to tea. Mine's with milk and two sugars.

-Deenie xoxo


  1. I only drink English breakfast, one bad thing about holidays is I can never get a decent cup of tea. No one gets it right though, I like mine super milky

  2. I love tea. I think it's just such a comforting drink isn't it? My absolute favourite thing is coming home and making a cup of tea at the end of an evening.

  3. I drink VERY strong tea, and it has to be barry's gold blend. It's very rare I'll drink anything else
    Emma xo | Missemmalouise12.blogspot.ie

  4. I love tea (in fact I'm drinking a cup now) haha i have to have mine fairly milky
    your blog is lovely by the way and i love that mug!


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