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Welcome Back, Me

With the next school year looming (two days, ergh) and my annual new-mentality kicking back into gear, I knew that I had to return back to blogging. I always need a little side project when life gets busy, and goodness knows next year will be busy.

I'm not creeping back this time awkwardly with an "erm, sorry I haven't posted in a while...". Because I don't have the excuse that I've been busy, my excuse is that I didn't have anything worth blogging about and not posting, in my opinion, is easier better than racking my brains to post some half-hearted paragraph accompanying an old picture I took randomly on my camera.

Over the next two days I'm going to round up all my blogging ideas but right now here's how I'm feeling:

  • Please someone prevent college from happening.
  • Wow I have two days to try and draft up an acceptable personal statement for UCAS.
  • Why read those 500 pages of Lit homework when I can write an article about colours?
  • I wanna be thirty and flirty and thriving
Back shortly!
-Deenie xoxo


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