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These boots are (probably not) made for walkin'

 Cardigan - H&M, Playsuit - Boohoo, Chelsea Boots - Dorothy Perkins

Aw yeah transitional outfits that I can't manage! Like seriously, I'll be shivering on my way to college and sweating it out on the way home. Come at me Winter!

I've always known that the one thing I've always needed in my life for Autumn is a perfect pair of Chelsea Boots. I found my sole mates (haaa) at Dorothy Perkins as a late birthday gift from Sam and to sum it up, I've worn them 5 days in the last week. In love!

In other news, I've got the ball rolling with UCAS applicationing and have so far stayed organised in college. Go me!

-Deenie xoxo


  1. I love this outfit. I think it's perfect for autumn and college. That brown knit looks so cosy and those boots are gorgeous. I got your pun haha. I thought it was cool x


  2. Beautiful! Your cardigan looks so cosy <3 xx

  3. cute boots!!!! i'm seriously in love with every part of your outfit. you look lovely!
    xx julia
    miss julia paige

  4. These boots are gorgeous!x

  5. Love the cardi and the boots


  6. Good luck with applications! Still remember when I had to do them. Ah time flies.
    The boots look really great on you btw, still looking for a pair myself, but haven't found, yet, that totally got me swooning over it. :)

    And thanks for the comment! really happy that you agree with me. haha and you should check out New Look for inexpensive duster coats! Cause the ones they've got at Topshop are super nice, but way overpriced for such a trend! (Cause it's not like it's a lot of material either haha)


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