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My A/W Face

 So yeah, didn't you hear? I'm a beauty blogger now. Of the low budget variety and with a very lacking collection.

Last month, I somehow ended up with every magazine on the shelf and I was more than usually intrigued with the beauty sections. Maybe because I work surrounded with makeup, maybe because I'm just into trying new things now, who knows.

The vampiristic type look called out to me because it's easy as pie. Despite having skin a couple of shades too dark to pull it off in its ghostly glory, I figured what the heck, I can just focus on pulling out my cheekbones and bazinga.

Tools: Barry M Angled Brush, Clinique Angled Contouring Brush Mini, Superdrug Pro Foundation Brush

I'm not going to act like I'm a pro and give you all a tutorial of how you did it, I just wanted to experiment with taking a pale trend and slapping it on my still sunkissed face. Unfortunately no amount of contouring can counteract my baby face, but as you can see from the difference, it looks alright.

I'm really juggling around different bits and pieces for blog content so bear with me while I find my forte!

Until next time,
-Deenie xoxo


  1. kate moss lipstick is a beautiful colour!! you're so pretty! xx

    1. Aw thanks, I actually picked up the wrong colour of this lipstick but didn't return it and I'm glad I didn't ^^ x

  2. Gorgeous makeup, I love the lipstick!

    Please check out my new blog post, would love to know your thoughts!




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