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Ribbons & Crafty Bits

The other day I was meeting Sam for his lunch break at work, and while I was waiting took a trip into The Works and picked up a couple of ribbon reels. Thanks to Tumblr and Pinterest, I've had a couple of craft projects on my mind to treat my friends with (but that's a secret for now). I thought these two were really adorable and if I don't use them for little crafty gifts, I could use them for little room deco bits, or maybe use the lace to alter some plain clothes.

I definitely need to learn how to sew and I've always wanted to learn how to knit. I just need some more creative outlets since college and job hunting has been making my life feel a little black and white recently. 

Does anybody know of any crafty bloggers I can learn some tips and tricks from?

Thanks guys!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. I'll teach you how to knit at college bby we can do it in one of our Thursday frees

  2. These ribbon reels are lovely! Skye has plenty of crafty tutorials and posts on her blog http://www.evenartichokeshavehearts.co.uk/. I'd imagine these ribbons would make lovely trims on the tops and handles of tote bags! x

    1. Ooh good idea, thanks for the link Michelle!


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