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I was going to shove this picture on to the end of my next post, but I decided that I could give you all a bigger laugh about how much of a massive dork I was. Or am...

Sam fixed my old DS yesterday night, so I was able to visit the Animal Crossing town that I used to spend hours per day on. Yeah, hours. We also competed against each other on Brain Training Academy, and I couldn't beat the nine year old me's score. :(

We also picked out my old Sims games, bringing back bad memories. Now, everybody loves or has loved the Sims, but with me it was an unhealthy obsession. I had every single expansion pack for the Sims 2, had Sims 3 pre-ordered months before its release and I was an active member of the 'Simming Community'. I actually ended up finding my old Sims Blog, which epitomises the length to which I simmed. Poor, poor 12 year old Deenie, she hadn't discovered the outside world yet.

And then I remembered all my puppies from Nintendogs, by far the best DS game I owned. It was the pre-Bonny days, and I couldn't have been happier to whistle into a little screen and greet my Shiba Inu. Which, by the way, is a beautiful breed and I fully intend to own one when I'm older.

I hope you all have a slightly deeper understanding into how tragic my life was and sometimes still is.

-Deenie xoxo


  1. Lovely post hun:)
    Maybe we could follow each other,let me know on my blog?


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