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Day At The Zoo

On Tuesday, being it the Easter Holidays, I decided to surprise Sam with a trip to Marwell Zoo! Once he knew where we were going, he was so excited, it was fantastic!

We trained it up to Eastleigh and then took the Velvet Bus from there to the zoo (there were only three other people on the bus, it was crazy). Getting in, we ran straight over to the penguins and I totally transformed back into the 7 year old me who last visited the zoo, it was exciting stuff!

After getting about halfway through the animals (penguins, ostriches, giraffes, gazelles etc) we stopped for a bite to eat in Cafe Graze. What was meant to be a nice calming cuppa turned out to be a big embarrassment: I pressed the wrong button on the drinks machine so the woman behind me had to do it for me, and then when pouring milk into my tea, put my hand in someone's discarded cappuccino, spilling the contents all over me and staining my tights :(

After washing my hands free of sticky coffee smell, and walking around the wallabies and monkies, Sam was mucking about and ended up knocking me onto a pile of rabbit poo in a field, so I was grumpy and grubby once again. My life is tragic.

I'd actually intended to do my first ever OOTD-type post, but it was about 2 degrees colder than I'd expected so I had to wear Sam's jacket for the majority of the day, and then by the end of it the only pictures taken that could possibly showcase my outfit were the above two. Another day, eh.

It probably will remain the best day of this Easter holiday (the rest of it being filled up with job interviews and college work). Deffo recommend going to the zoo, with kids, with friends, by yourself, whatever. It's so cool. Plus, donating to zoos helps keep lovely animals in existence!

Ta-ra now
-Deenie xoxo

update: this post was from long before i became vegan, i no longer endorse zoos.


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