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Bloomin' England

I thought the title made sense as through the typically English weather that follows our short burst of sunshine, you can just about see the lovely purple blossoms blooming from the tree at the back of the garden- Springtime!


I was going to shove this picture on to the end of my next post, but I decided that I could give you all a bigger laugh about how much of a massive dork I was. Or am...

Sam fixed my old DS yesterday night, so I was able to visit the Animal Crossing town that I used to spend hours per day on. Yeah, hours. We also competed against each other on Brain Training Academy, and I couldn't beat the nine year old me's score. :(

Ribbons & Crafty Bits

Day At The Zoo

On Tuesday, being it the Easter Holidays, I decided to surprise Sam with a trip to Marwell Zoo! Once he knew where we were going, he was so excited, it was fantastic!

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