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Life Of Late

As the average life goes, I've had many ups and downs recently. I love a good chit-chat style blog post, and I apologize if you do not because this shall be a lengthy one ;)
The Ups:
The above book (that I mentioned buying here) might've helped me very minimally with improving my healthy eating, but it has made me a very proud girlie to record my almost daily exercises, and the inbetweeny pages are really fun to doodle in. I love my Diet Doodle Diary!

It's been Mock Exam Week at college (more about that in the 'downs' section), so along with getting three days off college straight after half term, I also think I did pretty well in a Film exam. Woo!

The weather is improving!!! My happiness is very much dependent on the sunshine, so the good few rays we've been catching lately have been a brilliant mood booster. Hooray!

My room is finally tidy, and has stayed that way for a good week. By nature, I am a spotless room kinda girl. But with lots going on, the standards have slipped this past month... oops!

I've finally gotten around to watching Frozen. Have you seen it? If you haven't... heck, even if you have, see it again! It's amaaaazing! Great song material for shower singing, if I do say so myself.

The Downs:
College work is reaaaally getting me down. I may or may not have Film coursework that's over 2 weeks overdue... it's only a first draft!

On the aforementioned mock week... Wednesday morning I was scheduled for a Media exam. I got to the train station to buy my train ticket and my card didn't work, meaning I had no way of getting to my exam (many people bunk the short train ride daily, but I know that the one day I don't have a ticket, I'll get checked, and this girl doesn't get fined)! I spent the rest of the day crying on Sam's shoulder. Actually it was a nice day off. But regardless, boo hoo :(

Due to the above, I had to reschedule my Media exam for Monday. This means that I will be in college from 8:45 until 17:00. That is a long day for me. I'm dreading it!

In fact... that's pretty much all the downs. College just gives me the blues, y'know?

To finish on a high note, I've been having a lovely weekend so far. I spent yesterday evening watching Little Miss Sunshine and Conception with Sam (along with Chinese and Indian food and some naughty snacks)! This morning my Mum woke me up to a yummy breakfast, followed by a nice day out to the beach with the dog, and a Mocha. I am soon going to be heading off to a girlie night in with my bezzies, and tomorrow will be dragging myself (bright an early) to the first session of a 6 week boot camp- ahh!

Hope you've all been having a lovely weekend!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. Ohh I hope your exam goes well on Monday lovely! I'm sure it was some kind of sign that you weren't meant to make it the first time. Maybe you'll do even better than you would have!! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. Yes! Frozen is so good - I'll be you tubing Idina Menzel singing Let it go tomorrow morning!

  3. ah college blues, bring on the summer! little miss sunshine is one of my favourite films :) xx


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