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Weekend Treats

The coursework load has eased off a little so I'm feeling relaxed and free enough to sit down and blog a little- how nice!
This week has been filled with fun things and not so fun things. I started off by applying to 11 jobs all across my town, avoiding coursework until the night before, visiting a newly opened ice cream parlour, going to the cinema and finishing it with late night baking and a shopping trip with mother dearest.

I did actually attempt to appoint Sam as the typical blogger's-boyfriend-photographer to take some snaps of me baking but all I got was a picture of his legs... After eating the majority of the vicky sponge between three of us, I decided to take a quick picture of the final slice. I love an overdose of buttercream, I do.

Shopping trip delights
I'm desperately saving for an upcoming trip to London, hoping for a trip to Turkey and general college life needs, so the very little money I spent today was actually quite difficult to part with. Let's take a peek...
Whittard had a sale on, and therefore my mother was more than happy to swipe up these three teas in a flash. Orange Blossom, Chilli Chai and an Organic Revive Infusion were the perfect treat once we were in from a busy, rainy day.

I've genuinely been lusting after the Revlon lip butters for about half a year. I finally got around to purchasing one of my own (in Macaroon) and I'm a very happy bunny.
I felt like going absolutely wild and bought a 17 Nail Varnish in Ruby Gem I did actually intend on trying out one of the new gel ones, but none of the colours really called out to me.

The Works was selling Diet Doodle Diary for £2.99 when it was originally a tenner, I took a look through and it was the most adorable and (hopefully) productive way I think I can possibly get my health and fitness all organised. It's full of little week logs/plans and gives you random little challenges along with tons of inspirational little messages. It was the last one in the shop and i took that as a sign of it being made for me. A good way to describe it is kind of like a Wreck This Journal with less chaos and more fitness. Capisce?

So that's pretty much my weekend.
See you ladies laters!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. looks delish! and the diary in the last photo looks interesting! :))


  2. Ooh the chilli chai sounds so goooood! Xoxo


    1. I haven't tried it just yet, my mum says it's lovely though! x

  3. Before anything: I love how your pictures came out! And yay for tea! Hopefully you could tell us how you liked the Revlon lip butter, I've been lusting over them as well and would appreciate to know what you thought of them :)


    1. Oh thank you so much, I always take pictures too late for decent lighting, so I have to edit them and I'm never sure if they come out okay, so that means a lot! I've tried the lip butter out just today, so don't have too detailed an opinion but I'm glad I purchased it- it's good stuff! :) x

  4. Ohh your cake looks SO yummy! I hope you're having a lovely start to the week lovely <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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