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The Results Of An Oxford Street Shop

 As you might've read, Sam and I spent a portion of our Valentine's Day wandering around Oxford Street. As promised, I wanted to give you guys a little show-and-tell.

 Never, ever, EVER before have I bought a nail varnish for it to leak. Ever. So the one time this happens, it was in a bag with Sam's only purchase of the day- a white shirt from Burton. Thanks, life.
Anyway, in Boots, I spotted a stand of these nail varnishes for £1.99 each. I haven't seen the brand in any stores at home (we have three) so I decided to grab a couple there. The colours I got were Verbena and Pistache. I have yet to try them out, I kind of hold a grudge about the shirt-staining. Gr.

Right, onto happier things. Recently, I've been putting more of an effort into a balanced face, makeup wise. I've already gone and bought a Revlon Lip Butter (damn good), and the latest addition was a Topshop Velvet Finish Lipstick in Innocent. I know, I know, I'm ridiculously late to jump on the Topshop Lips bandwagon but it's better late than never! I've worn this already during the day at my grandma's, and to a party a couple of days ago, and I'm in love.

 This is one of my favourite buys. We popped into Primark intending on buying an umbrella and shoes, but after looking around the entire shop and finding nothing we liked, we left. On the way out, however, this beauty caught my eye. It was marked down from an amazing £13 to an even more amazing £5. And of course I ran straight to the checkout. £5 I tell you!!! It's a swishy, comfortable, beautiful chiffony dress from the heavens. 

And from the obligatory trip to Forever 21, I bought these clips. My hair often lies flat and plain so I thought being able to twist around little wisps of hair and maybe a couple of little plaits with these babies would bring a little pizazz to the mixture. I also bought two pairs of matching underwear and I have never owned such beautiful undies that are so comfortable and so cheap at the same time. Forever Impressed.

A lot of food was also bought, along with a couple of promotional freebies from Boohoo and Belvita. Aw yes.

Happy Monday!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. There is nothing better than shopping along Oxford street - I am obsessed with that Topshop I only wish we had one that size in Paris! Great finds

    1. I'd never actually set foot in Oxford Street's Topshop until that day- I was blown away!

  2. Fun buys! That dress is really cute! And such a steal!


  3. Great post dear!
    Love reading your blog!


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