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Pudding Replacement

My nearest supermarket has been selling Muller Rice Puddings for half price, and consequently I've had (at least) one per day since Friday. But one night, I found myself puddingless and craving like crazy. With the shops already shut and my stomach refusing to shush, I decided to have a look through mum's new cookbook and found myself a recipe I could twist to my satisfaction.

I thought the next best thing to my Muller Rice fix would be a Grilled Berry Dessert. I've never grilled anything other than hot cross buns before, so berries seemed a little odd to me.

I took a cup of frozen berries and sprinkled over just a dash of lemon juice. Popping them on tin foil in a baking tray, I grilled them on high- the purpose of this is to release all the juice- so the berries are finished grilling once it looks like a forest fruit massacre.

The original recipe had the juices with vanilla custard, but I decided to go for a slightly healthier option. Three tablespoons of low-fat, natural yogurt mixed with a capful of vanilla essence plus a teaspoon of natural honey made for the perfect sauce for me.

The health kick went out the window once I decided that it'd go down a treat with tiny chopped pieces of one row of Galaxy chocolate sprinkled over the top. I can't help being such a chocoholic!

As amazing and delicious as it tasted, Muller Rice will continue to be my baby. Okay, okay, I was just pretty proud of how this picture came out and just had to include it. Photography newbie over here, guys.

It's pretty good stuff!
-Deenie xoxo

P.S. This coming from my mum's new cookbook, added to the fact that she's been giving me mini cooking tutorials every so often, lightbulb-above-head created the idea of having a little 'Mumma Teaches Me Cooking' feature on this blog. More on that next time, but what do you think- good idea?


  1. Your Grilled Berry Dessert looks delicious!
    I definitely think adding some chocolate is a good choice. If you're being healthy with everything else, then why not?

  2. Ohh that looks so yummy! Love the addition of galaxy too hehe <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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