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Wishful Thinking, as per

Getting back into college and remaining on top of everything has been so hard. So much for new years' resolutions! My room is messy and my schedule is busy yet again.
Perhaps I can lure myself into productivity by promising myself one of these lovely treats once I complete all of my coursework? Sounds like a plan to me...

It's been over a year since I've been begging my bank account to let me buy a pair of t-bars, I think they'll be absolutely perfect for when spring finally hits!
My pyjama collection is never lacking but it's always welcoming new additions. I love the look of these, they'll be cosy and brilliant to show off at a snooze fest with my pals.
Okay so why did nobody tell me that Superdrug was selling these babies for a fiver?! I've been lusting after these for months, I might not be able to resist...
I am in desperate need of a much bigger bag than I currently own. The other day, when I needed to do a massive load of work, I just chose not to bring my laptop into college because I couldn't be bothered to find a bag for it. This one looks perfect!
My bed is from now on going to be my safe, work-free haven. I want to cosy it up by filling it with cushions, fluffy blankets and who knows what else, as long as it's soft!
Sam and I have gotten ourselves hooked into Lost big time. Online streams aren't good enough quality for this picky pair, I want the real deal!
I just think this is absolutely perfect! I want it baaaaad...

I'm going to spend the rest of my evening tidying up, catching up with the blogosphere and hopefully doing a little of the work I'm hiding away from.
Wish me luck!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. Those shoes are adorable! I need to rush to the mall and find them!

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  2. stop it with that shift dress, i am SO sorely tempted to just go ahead and buy it right now, haha! and i think bribing yourself with one of these would definitely get you productive again ;)

    xo marlen
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  3. Love those shoes! There are a few really nice t-bar/buckle up shoes i've seen online from Primark as well :D can't wait to have a look in there. I used to be totally obsessed with lost, i once covered all our food in Dharma print outs haha

    1. I need a good look in primark, most of my shopping is done via internet so I always miss out on their bargains :( & that's such a clever idea haha!

  4. great styling of that denim dress and the black flats. Fab!


  5. ahh those PJs look so cosy :)

    Hannah xx

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