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Miserable Monday with Happy Hugo

Who can dislike a lovely lil' bit of alliteration so wittily used in my titling? Evidently, my English Language teacher (I have to re-write thousands of terribly written coursework words, sob). Today was my first day back to college and I've heard that it's actually the most miserable day of the year- Blue Monday- come early.

However I didn't expect to be so uncharacteristically upbeat! Sure, I'd rather be other places than college but it wasn't awfully awful. I came to college with veggies and a snood yet returned with a belly full of cake and the above Ravenclaw scarf my amazing friend brought me back from Harry Potter world! After my Dad treated us to an Indian takeaway (the healthy lifestyle returns later okay) I got to sit back, blog and have cuddles with the snuggly bear you can see above. Hugo was a Christmas present from Sam, named after our favourite Lost character.

Hopefully none of you lovely guys are having too bad a Monday!
-Deenie xoxo


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