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It's All Calmed Down

Firstly I'd like to say that I did in fact have a more substantial post planned however the sun decided to stop shining just as I was ready to take the photos I'd planned- boooo. I'll take them when possible as this blog's upkeep is an aim of the new year.

In the meantime, let's delve into the last few days of 2013 through instagram...
1) Having two Christmas trees is fab, the one at Mum's had every bauble strategically placed whereas Dad's tree had every decoration thrown on with reckless abandon.

2) Sadly this is the only picture that I managed to snap on Christmas day! A Christmas cracker hat and a new jumper just about made it in!

3) On Boxing Day I was spoilt rotten by Sam, one of my pressies was my favourite perfume, Dior's Hypnotic Poison!

4) On Christmas eve I received a new snuggly dressing gown as an early gift and I painted on the purple sparkly nails I decided to don over Christmas, I thought I did well!

Expect a belated New Years post soon, I was going to include parts here however there was too much I intended to include!
Hoping you had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying the new year!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. My oh my, your new dressing gown looks SO nice and cosy! It sounds like a lovely Christmas, Deenie, lovin' that comment about your Dad's tree being decorated in reckless abandon. We ban our Dad from the entire downstairs when decorating because he is just awful at it! Hope you had a lovely New Year's too! x

    1. It's the cosiest dressing gown I've ever had! And maybe we should follow the idea of banning Dad's decorating next year haha, I did have a lovely new years and I hope you did too Michelle! x


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