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'Young Adult', Excuse Me?

Lots of things relating to adulthood have entered my radar recently that I've decided not to acknowledge, but it's become too late to ignore the fact that the future is tumbling towards me like one of those massive boulders that roll down hills in action movies and Mario Kart Double Dash.


Sorry I've been so lacking in posts for this past week! On Monday and Tuesday I was so ill that concentrating on a computer screen made me dizzy and the rest of the week was spent catching up on all of the college work I've been missing. Buckets of fun for me!

Bedroom Things

These photos are all so dark and poorly edited colour-wise because I decided to take them at about 7pm in my room with only a lamp lit, but hey at least I made an effort!

Wishful Thinking, as per

Getting back into college and remaining on top of everything has been so hard. So much for new years' resolutions! My room is messy and my schedule is busy yet again.
Perhaps I can lure myself into productivity by promising myself one of these lovely treats once I complete all of my coursework? Sounds like a plan to me...

It Girl

 If you know of 1920s movie stars, you'll know Clara Bow, famously known as the "It Girl" since starring in It, the 1927 silent romantic comedy. For fear of mixing up blog post with Film coursework, I'll keep this post to the point.

Miserable Monday with Happy Hugo

Who can dislike a lovely lil' bit of alliteration so wittily used in my titling? Evidently, my English Language teacher (I have to re-write thousands of terribly written coursework words, sob). Today was my first day back to college and I've heard that it's actually the most miserable …

Fresh Starts & All That Hullabaloo

Five days into the New Year I have finally gotten around to writing up my 2014-welcoming post. Ironically one of my resolutions of the year is to become far more organised blog wise, as I have said plentifully previously however I will stick to it this time around. Probably.

It's All Calmed Down

Firstly I'd like to say that I did in fact have a more substantial post planned however the sun decided to stop shining just as I was ready to take the photos I'd planned- boooo. I'll take them when possible as this blog's upkeep is an aim of the new year.

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