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Wishful Thinking For Christmas!

It's December now! So all my wishlists from now on can also be considered Christmas lists/big fat hints to loved ones. And that means I'm gonna be squeezing in as much as I can without being too cheeky ;)

There's nothing better than climbing into bed bare footed in winter and having a fluffy hot water bottle waiting to warm those toes up. I'm not sure I could wait to receive this as a gift- I'm going out to get one myself!

When I celebrate Christmas, I go all out, and December means donning festive printed pants as often as I can, these little robins look adorable!

I couldn't decided whether I liked these or the black versions more. Either way a good pair of Chelsea boots has been on my wishlist for a while so these wouldn't just give me a height boost but also a big smile!

I'm not a big one for jewellery but having bare wrists is something I can't stand (I usually settle for spare hair bobbles)! But this gorgeous dainty cuff bracelet is so sweet I'm absolutely nudging Santa with my elbow!

When I was 12 I had a pair of tartan print trousers. I wish that I still owned them and still fit into them, because everyone loves the look now, including me! These ones from ASOS look gorgeous and I can totally picture myself in them along with a fluffy jumper and boots this Christmas...

Like jewellery, perfume's never really been my thing (not that I'm stinky at all)! My older sister used to wear this every day and I was incredibly jealous, I loved the scent ever so much so for Christmas I would looove to open my stocking and get a whiff of this delicious stuff.

The clothbound classics' covers are enough to make me want to buy all of them. I think A Christmas Carol between this sweet cover would make the perfect gift!

Keep an eye out for dozens of other Christmassy posts from now on!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. Loving the boots! They are so much like the Acne Pistol Boots i have been obsessed with for years

  2. OH those boots are a dream, so so so cute! I hope you get everything you wish for this christmas!

    1. They are aren't they, and oh that's so sweet of you, I hope you do as well!

  3. I love Poison by Dior, it's one of my fav scents. Have never tried this hypnotic version though
    Daniella x



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