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Weekend In London

 Following up my recent post of my excitement for Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, I thought I'd show you all the lovely weekend I had.

 The Winter Wonderland was absolutely packed, but we didn't have to wait at the back of a huuuuge queue/crowd because we showed a guard our booking for the Magical Ice Kingdom and snuck in the side way. The whole thing was really great for getting into the festive mood (although I reckon I could've enjoyed it more if it weren't packed full to the brim with people). The Magical Ice Kingdom was really impressive and I adored the Carousel Bar, the food around may have been pretty pricey but it was worth it to spend time in such a lovely place and eat such yummy food (bratwurst, candy apples and doughnuts? mmm). One crazy thing that happened was my sister and her boyfriend bumping into their friends that they met working in Ibiza- the latter two getting engaged right in front of us mid conversation! Unfortunately the fun ended there when my sister lost her purse to the evil pickpockets and we had to make our way back to the apartment were renting for the night.

 We soon cheered up, the apartment was gooorgeous, the view was incredible and we had a night full of card games and laughter. Well, everybody else did, I was off to bed deathly tired after one game of Articulate. It was a really gorgeous place and I wish we could've stayed much longer (darn you 11am checkout time!) Also do excuse the outfit repeat, I didn't have enough room to pack another outfit :(

 The next morning we caught a boat(!) out to Westminster in order to catch a tube to Victoria and meet my other sister and her boyfriend. Sam was the only one brave enough to ask the captain for a picture behind the wheel, look you can see my cute coat in the window! It was a really nice ride with some pretty sights.

After all that, we caught a train to Bromley to have a meal with our extended family at The Havet. I had a half lamb half chicken adana (well I had the chicken, Sam had my lamb) and for dessert split a chocolate gateau with a cheesecake with my sister. It was gorgeous but impossible to finish! Afterwards we all went to watch a panto (in which my auntie was the Fairy Godmother!) like big kids and had a good laugh.

Overall the weekend was absolutely amazing. We're hoping to do it again sometime, and I'm excited for the day trip I'll be taking later this month!

Catch you later!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, apart from the pickpockets!! Those cakes look so yummy!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. I did indeed, and they were scrumptious!

  2. Looks like it was awesome and you had so much fun! That view! <3


  3. Awww cute! Winter Wonderland is a must in London!
    London Last Night



  4. Seems like a great weekend! That cheesecake looks amazing!



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