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Christmas Eve Smells Like Cinnamon and Bleach

Merry Christmas Eve to you all! I've been a little quiet lately, I know, but I've adored reading all the Christmassy posts of late and I thought I'd contribute on the day of the year most full of anticipation!

Feelin' festive!

Apologies, once again, for the long break. I've become uncharacteristically disorganised recently and having a messy room, five coursework deadlines, a research project, Christmas gifts to buy and events to attend along with being a lazy bugger is a lot to balance. 

The Christmas hols are looming closer, and with that, Christmas itself (one week to go)! I'm pretty darn excited for a break and general crimbo festivities.

I thought that for a little update on what I've been up to I'd show you all what I've been instagramming for the past couple of weeks,

Weekend In London

 Following up my recent post of my excitement for Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, I thought I'd show you all the lovely weekend I had.

Wishful Thinking For Christmas!

It's December now! So all my wishlists from now on can also be considered Christmas lists/big fat hints to loved ones. And that means I'm gonna be squeezing in as much as I can without being too cheeky ;)
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