Monday, 11 November 2013

Someone Got A Swanky Camera!

I'm finally going to take photos using something other than my phone or my little sister's digital. I'm excited!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

All Work And No Play...

Okay, so the title was a little bit of a fib, I've been "playing" way more than I've been working. 
But I've been so overloaded with work so suddenly that I'm back to my safe lil' corner of procrastination. The working girl inside my head is climbing under a duvet with a book and a cuppa and only comes out to moan when it's nearing 11pm and I've wasted yet another afternoon staring at the ceiling wondering how I'm supposed to begin.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Free Books!

I think I might just be the luckiest girl in the world. Five minutes down the road from my college there is an adorable little place tucked away beside Carphone Warehouse and KFC; a bookshop (although the word shop might imply that you buy things). Literally every book in the place is free! No catch, or anything. The policy is that you choose up to three books, get them stamped, and leave very happily.

I only visited once, during a free period, so was a little short on time to hunt properly. I chose the above three: Bridget Jones' Diary, The Devil Wears Prada and Good Behaviour
I had the second Bridget book given to me by my mum's friend, so I've been dying for the first one (however by the time I finish I could probably end up with the third second-hand as well)! The Devil Wears Prada simply caught my eye as something I'd heard about often, but never actually seen or read. It's the one of the three that I've started, and I love it so far! And Good Behaviour I admit I only chose because I had about a minute left and saw a 1920's style cover, therefore I know nothing about. Maybe that'll be a good thing..?

I'm hoping to take a trip down tomorrow and see if it has any of the books on my English Literature syllabus, that would be a godsend! I'll keep you up to date on anything else I pick up from this adorable little place, it won't be the last time I lug a handful of books through college for the rest of the day!

Now to get reading!
-Deenie xoxo

Monday, 4 November 2013

Wishful Thinking...

Another week passes and I'm afraid all I have to offer you lovely people is another wishlist of mine. I'll be back with the real deal soon enough, but as for now join me in lusting over:

I've never owned a pair of ripped or boyfriend jeans before, but I feel that they'd be good for winter as you could layer some leggings underneath with ease for the extra warmth!

Do I even have to justify myself? By November time (at the latest) the nicest thought is coming home from the cold to a cuppa and a cosy dressing gown. I can just imagine the comfort now...

My favourite necklace at the moment is a little teacup I have on a chain. I really love the look of this globe, it might not go with much but when it does suit it'll look gorgeous!

Miranda Hart is one of my comedy heroines. I think it'll be a joy to read about what she's really like and probably be a good pick me up on dull winter days.

Again, like the dressing gown, hopping into these after I've been trudging through winds and rain all day will make my heart sing! Ooh especially if I leave them ready for me on the radiator when I go out...

I'll be back with more really soon!
-Deenie xoxo

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