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Wishful Thinking...

This week's (late) wishlist -as we're creeping closer to Christmas- can inspire friends and family for maybe possible gift ideas *wink wink nudge nudge*.

I've yet to jump in on the fluffy jumper trend, but I want to go all out with pink feathery fluffiness!

Another book that's come to my interest due to a quoting of it on tumblr. It seems like a genuinely fun read, good for loosening up when I'm tired of college work!

Whoever combined the flavours of chocolate and mint is my hero. This hot choccy seems perfect for chilly evenings with a book and candlelight...

I've recently gotten into wearing rings more often, I like ones that are simple/not too chunky but still interesting at the same time, such as this cutie.

I never got into bobble hats but they're really adorable and I think it'd be a good warming companion for the winter!

Just want want want, I am. I will also be filling up my blog with slightly richer posts than the like of these, hopefully. It's been a little wishy-washy due to college taking it's toll but in this half term break I'm sure I can crank out some good stuff!
-Deenie xoxo


  1. The sweater looks sooo cozy!

  2. all my friends read that book at school! xx

  3. great post! would you like to follow eachother?


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